The tournament is held for Asia on February 3, it will not be in our region.

You won’t surprise anyone with the 15.21 update , the new weapons, skins and bugs are boring to the players, and they cannot wait for the next update – 15.30. And to make you even more eager to get your hands on the next version of the game, I will say that all Nintendo Switch owners will be able to take part in a tournament where they will be able to get the new “Lovely” skin and “I sits” graffiti for free for entering the top 1000.

This skin will be themed on February 14th: a pink-haired girl who looks like Deena Mitt from afar (after all, they both have an unhealthy love of explosives). The skin comes with a backpack in the form of an evil heart with wings and graffiti of our beloved Meowskle, which did not fit in the box.

And if you liked the skin, but you do not have a console to participate, all interested players can buy this skin in the in-game store after the tournament.

How do you like the skin? Will you buy it?

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