It's official G2 Caps swaps from MID to ADC position

After G2 Perkz in 2019 stepped down from his role as midliner for the role of ADC, it seems that now G2 Esports surprises us with a bold new move.

Caps will exchange roles with Perkz,  Perkz being midlaner and Caps being ADC.

It is known that Caps is a pretty good player on the ADC.

See the video with Vayne against Fnatic below where CAPS effectively destroyed the Fnatic, but we do not know how well he will perform on the stage.


Perkz already appreciates Caps as a very good ADC saying in a Tweet that Caps destroyed Rekkles in scrims.

From what I realize, G2 Esport relies on swapping roles to confuse as many opponents as possible.

It will be difficult for the opposing teams to know who will play MID or ADC.

One match may be Caps ADC and Perkz MID and in another it will be CAPS MID and Perkz ADC.

The problem is that the champion pool is growing and it is difficult to counter the strategy.

It remains to be seen on January 24th whether it is a successful move as it was with Perkz as ADC.

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